Wiktor (pronounced Victor) Dynarski

Referred to also as: inferre, Latarnik, indygo, mayaku and Candy Fairy


PhD student at Warsaw University Institute of Applied Social Sciences and a trans*activist (within Poland and internationally, especially in Central Eastern Europe).

Co-chair of Transgender Europe - the European Network of trans*organizations working for human rights of trans* and gender variant people. They are also involved in a Polish trans*organization Trans-Fuzja, as its Vice-President for International Affairs.

Wiktor currently resides in Bratislava, Slovakia and is trying very hard to actually write that doctorate.


Male gender expression, although no male identity, pronoun: they, likes when people call them on their bullshit, struggles to gain fat*positivity in relation to own body, really annoyed by people who will not stop using male pronouns, tries to be down to earth but secretly dreams of living on a unicorn planet where chocolate grows on trees. Pansexual. Polish by citizenship, prefers to be labeled as a person with a Polish passport.

Critical to power structures, aware of their white trans*masculine privilege, eager to learn how to work with that in a global context.