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    (Picture: Four long rows of flagpoles with UN member states flags, with the Broken Chair sculpture visible in the distance and the title of this post. Taken recently at Geneva, Switzerland)

    A few weeks ago, a member of one of the few mailing lists asked a very important question concerning what European media refer to as “refugee crisis” and what to me is clearly an “European crisis” or rather “the clear end of European humanity”.

    What was clearly visible from the post was that this particular person and their organization was definitely not ready for all that was unveiling. In the activist’s own words:

    I am ashamed of our politicans. (…) Our organization is not ready to deal with this situation. We have no idea how can we be supportive as trans NGO. Do your organizations have any plans, practice, strategies or policies how to react? Do you participate on general support or provide something specific for LGBTI refugees?  

    Myself, having been already engaged in a few small actions, most of which consisted either of buying school supplies for refugee children in Poland, donating money for those organizations who can help people on the ground in Hungary and Serbia, as well as taking part in demonstrations and showing my support for the cause.

    My reply, however, consisted mostly of concern how some members of the Polish trans community reacted to the situation. This reaction was picked by Mihai Petru, who manages a blog at the Center for Transatlantic Relations website and who invited me to write a guest post on the matter.

    This is how the Refugees and the European Rainbow Community piece came to be. I hope it inspires at lease some of you to get involved with what is currently happening within the borders of the EU.


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