1. #No2TransVeto - Trans People in Poland Speak Against Presidential Veto

    Stanisław, Sonia and Eweryst are three among many trans persons in Poland disappointed and angry about the recent veto by President Andrzej Duda of a new gender recognition legislation. They decided to tell the world what they as Polish citizens need and require from democratically elected authorities. 

    “It is hard for us to find a job, rent an appartment or even travel by train”-Eweryst

    Trans people in Poland are tired of having their human rights called into question and denied. The vetoed act was supposed to be the country’s first actual gender recognition legislation. A new law would once and for all end suing one’s parents in court, a practice which has been part of legal gender recognition procedure for decades.

    “I didn’t expect President Andrzej Duda to veto this act, because he presented himself as President of all Poles” - Sonia

    The Gender Accordance Act not only defined a transparent and accessible recognition. It also ensured protection of privacy by forcing the State to issue new birth certificates of trans people as well as other documentation such as diplomas and certificates of employment. This would have bettered the already discouraging situation of trans people on the labor market.

    “If my name was changed legally and my gender recognized, my life would begin”- Stanisław

    Not all is lost

    It is now for the lower house (the Sejm) of the Parliament to challenge the presidential veto. This final vote is scheduled for Friday, October 9 at noon. To bypass the veto the Act needs to be supported by a 3/5 majority with at least 50% of Members of Parliament present.

    Civil society organizations and individuals from all around the world have been sending their support for the law to parliamentary clubs and independent Members of Parliament to convince Polish decision-makers that trans people need a new gender recognition legislation.

    Amidst various advocacy activities, an online petition was started to bring this matter to public attention. More than 2000 people have signed it within the first 24 hours and hundreds are joining in every hour.

    This is what democracy looks like to me!

    If you want to support trans people in Poland and voice your opinion, consider the following


    Follow Trans-Fuzja Foundation on Facebook and Twitter for more information on trans rights in Poland


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