1. What are trans realities in Central-Eastern Europe? What is this region’s trans struggle?

    In this almost forty minute segment I try to identify work areas of contemporary trans activism as well as propose what would be the solutions for continuing our trans struggle.

    All of this, of course, from a certain (human rights based) perspective, which is not the only possible approach.

    For those following my previous work and writing on the Polish battle for a new legal gender recognition law, in the beginning I talk a bit about change and how we have learned to associate it with positive results, even though it can prove itself to be of negative value.

    Apologies for those in need of subtitles, they are currently being worked on. Polish translation will follow as well.

    Many thanks to Mozaika, who invited me to the “Where do we go from here?” conference celebrating their 10 year anniversary of working on LGBT issues in Latvia, as well as the Council of Europe for bringing me there.


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