1. First video in a series of talks about contraception and birth control for trans masculine people (non-binary included) and trans men, specifically about personal experiences of getting an IUD in Poland, a country where affordable trans-specific healthcare is a problem and where trans reproductive rights are not discussed outside of trans message boards, facebook groups and support meetings.

    Additional titles were made two days after the video was recorded and provide commentary to things that I thought may not have been explained enough during this improv session. They also make fun of me from time to time, seeing how I feel that self-mockery is something quite liberating. At least for me.

    Medical language used, body parts and descriptions of medical examinations mentioned, so do mind that while watching.

    There are a few resources mentioned in the video itself:

    Trans-Fuzja Foundation’s website: http://transfuzja.org

    Reports on the situation of trans people in Poland:
    Legal: http://bit.ly/29DfEfj
    Access to healthcare: http://bit.ly/29b1tB2

    Article on quitting testosterone: http://bit.ly/1xeQCKx

    My personal channels:

    Blog: http://dynarski.pl
    Facebook: http://fb.com/wiktordynarski
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wiktordynarski/


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